6th Annual Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament
April 10th, 2004


Event Sponsored by
OSU Dept. of Parsrc="thetrainingsolutioncr.com/images/ks and Rec

1. General Information

1.1 The 6th Annual Tennis Ball CRICKET Tournament is organized by
Cricket Club of The Ohio State University (OSUCC).
1.2 The tournament is sponsored by OSU Department of Parks and Rec.
1.3 The tournament will be played at the Fred Beekman Baseball
1.4 The fee for each participating team is $49. The fee is due before
the tournament date. The teams will only be considered registered
when they submit their roster and the fee.
1.5 There shall be 7 playing members per team for each game and the
teams can submit a roster of 8 people. Teams should make sure that
everyone plays for only one team and not more than one team.
1.6 MRI balls, foam filled tennis balls will be used for the games.
They shall be supplied to the teams. The wickets, boundary markers,
space and other necessary equipment except bats will be provided to
the teams. The Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC) does not
provide bats but expects that teams who don’t possess any will be
able to borrow from those who have the bats.
1.7 Each team will be playing at least three 3 games.
1.8 The tournament will be played in two stages: League and Knock out
stages. The knockout stages would be played under floodlights.
1.9 TOC will also provide neutral umpires for the games but requests
teams to voluntarily help out TOC in umpiring when the need
1.10 The tournament will begin at 9 am in the morning. The teams are
expected to report no later than 8:30 am.
1.11 The schedule for the games would be posted on the website
www.osucricket.com either on Thursday or Friday night. There
might be minor changes in schedule on the tournament morning.
1.12 Too many arguments with umpire will result into a warning. Warning
will be given to the team not to an individual. There will be two
warnings issued to a team, after that team will be disqualified
from the tournament with no questions asked.
1.13 Regarding Tournament Organization the TOC’s decision is final.

2. Game Rules

2.1 All matches will be seven overs a side.
2.2 The teams are supposed to report at the scheduled baseball diamond
10 minutes before the start of the game. Those teams playing back-
to-back games should report to the next game as soon as they are
done playing that game. Teams reporting late at their respective
baseball diamonds will be deducted:
5 minutes late – 1 over will be cut.
10 minutes late – 2 overs will be cut.
15 minutes late – 3 overs will be cut.
20 minutes late – Match will be forfeited

2.3 There is no break between the innings.
2.4 In a match, only one bowler can bowl maximum of 3 overs and others
can bowl maximum of 2 overs.
2.5 No last man batting. This means if six players are out then the
team is all out. For run rate purposes all out means all seven
overs will be considered in the calculation.
2.6 The main umpire will umpire the whole game and main umpire’s
decision would be final. The leg umpire will be from the batting
side and the leg umpire is entitled to give decision on noballs as
in Rule and the run out decisions. The leg umpire can be overruled
by the main umpire at any time and for any decision.
2.7 Full toss balls above waist height or bouncer above shoulder height
for batsman in his normal stance AT THE CREASE is a no ball (When a
player step out from his normal guard at crease, it will not be a
no ball). If a bowler is found to throw (chuck) the bowl then he
will be warned and the delivery will be ruled as a no-ball. If the
bowler continuously chucks the bowl then, bowler will not be
allowed to bowl and the captain will have to replace him. The
umpire will have supreme authority over this decision and will not
be argued against.
2.8 In case of no balls and wide balls, an extra run will be credited
to the runs scored off the ball. The ball will not be counted.
2.9 It will be the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that
each member on his team is aware of and comprehends the rules.
2.10 There will be no legbyes and no LBWs. Over-throw runs will be
counted in the total runs scored.
2.11 Any batsman can be retired during any part of the innings but the
retired batsman cannot come back to bat. For all intents and
purposes he is out.

2.12 If the ball goes out of bounds with out touching the fielder then
one run is credited to the batting team. The batsmen may not
change ends in this case. If the ball touches the fielder then the
batsmen can run as many runs as they want but if they don’t run
then they will be credited with one run.
2.13 The length of the pitch used will be 19 yards.
2.14 Overthrows and byes are valid and other rules of international
cricket imply.
2.15 In case of rain or any other condition the TOC’s decision will be
2.16 Forfeiture of a game in league stages means that you played seven
overs without scoring any run which will reduce your Net Run
Rate(NRR) accordingly.
2.17 Each team which wins a group game gets two points, a tie is same
no. of runs scored by both teams which means one point to both the
teams. Loss is zero points.
2.18 Definition of NetRR or RRD = (Total runs scored for/Number of
balls faced) – (Totals runs scored against/Number of balls

Each captain/team should bring a copy of rules and regulations and schedule on the tourney day.

Please report to that diamond 10 mins before the game. If you are late then 1 over from your batting will be taken out for each 5 mins of delay. The other team plays all seven overs.

- Criteria of seeding within the group (priority wise)
1. Points
2. Head to Head
3. Net Run Rate
4. Coin Flip

- Criteria for ranking for playoffs (priority wise)
1. Net Run Rate
2. Coin flip

- In playoff’s teams tied with same no. of runs are decided by
1. Earlier head to head
2. No. of wickets fallen
3. Coin Flip

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